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  • OASIS Notices
    A 2016 Affiliate Disclosure Notice
    B 2017 Affiliate Disclosure Notice
  • Congestion Relief Offers

  • Discount for Local Service VEC Notice
  • Discretion

  • Personnel

  • Business Practices,Waivers,and Exemptions

  • Credit and Security Requirements for Generator Interconnections
  • FERC Order 717 Posting Requirements

  • FERC Order 890 and 676 - E Posting Requirements

  • FERC Order No. 2003/2006 Posting Requirements
  • Standard of Conduct

  • ATC , TTC, TRM, CBM Data and Methodology
  • ATC and TTC Methodology for HVDC-TF

  • TTC ATC TRM CBM Values for NU Non-PTF Transmission Path
  • TTC Data Including Phase 1 and 2 of HQ

  • Transmission ATC and TTC Methodology
    Contact Information
    Contact Information
    Daily Load
  • Load Data and Graphs - CONVEX

  • Load Graphs - ESCC

  • Documents
    Schedule 20A Clean Up Filing - Nov. 6, 2009
    Interconnection Request
  • Large Generator Interconnection Request

  • NAESB Home Page

  • Notifications
    April 20, 2010 - Posted Path Notification
    November 16,2010 Waterbury Generation Waiver
    OASIS Registration Procedure
  • OASIS Registration Procedure

  • OASIS Timing Requirements
    Timing Requirements for Schedule 20A and 21
    RFP/RFI Response
    Intention to Respond to NESCOE RFI
    TLR Information
  • Interconnection-wide Transmission Loading Relief (TLR) Information

  • Transmission Outage Information
  • Transmission Outage Information - Short Term Outages

  • Transmission Rates Summary
  • Transmission Rates

  • Transmission Service Applications
    HQ HVDC Service Application
  • Local Transmission Service Application

  • Transmission Tariff
  • Transmission Tariff

  • Welcome to Eversource (ES) formally Northeast Utilities (NU) the information contained is applicable to The Connecticut Light and Power Company, Public Service Company of New Hampshire and NSTAR Electric Company (West) (together, “Eversource”), but not applicable to their affiliate NSTAR Electric Company (East).

    Northeast Utilities Transmission Information      

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