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    Welcome to SWPP


    DC Ties Update - Updated 03-24-2017 09:23 CPT
    Delayed Offering- Updated 8-2-2013 08:35 CPT
    OOME Instructions- Updated 03-23-2017 13:00 CPT CPT
    Montana Hi-Line Load Switching- Updated 02-02-17 16:36 CPT


    Real Time Operations Notices:.

    Currently operating under normal conditions.



      Attention SPP Network Customers

    An update regarding NITS on OASIS transition status and application mapping information is posted in the OASIS Notices folder.

    ** 2/28/17 - NITS on OASIS Transition update has been posted in the OASIS Notices folder **

    February 17, 2017  
    Frequency Response

    Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM), located within the WECC region of the Western Interconnection, and Southwestern Public Service Company (SPS) a Transmission Operator (TOP) within the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Balancing Authority Area of the Eastern Interconnection, exchange power via the Blackwater HVDC Converter Station (Blackwater).  The Blackwater controls will be modified by mid-April 2017 where both PNM and SPP will utilize Blackwater to adjust the power transfer to provide bi-directional response to a frequency deviation in either the Western Interconnection or the Eastern Interconnection.   


    10/31/2016 Notification of Bi-Annual Reserve Zone Study Results

    The latest bi-annual reserve zone study has been completed. SPP is not recommending any change to the current reserve zone definitions at this time. No reserve zone definition changes will be made on the bi-annual effective date of December 1, 2016. Details of the study results will be presented at a future MWG meeting.


    Effective Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 1000 hours. Revisions to Business Practice 1500, 2350, and 1700 with additional information concerning Preemption and Competion can be found in the document "DC Tie Reservation and Preemption and Competition modifications" which can be found under the Transmission Folder in the left column.

                                                         WELSH HVDC Project information may be found under the Transmission Folder in the left column. Or click here for more details.

    The SPP Primary Coordination Center has relocated to 201 Worthen Drive, Little Rock, AR 72223-4936. Contact telephone numbers have NOTchanged. However, the FAX numbers HAVEchanged. FAX numbers are as follows:                         

    RTO Tariff & Interchange:  Primary Coordination Center:  501-482-2031        Back-Up Coordination Center:  501-851-6580

    ATTENTION SPP Network Customers: According to currently posted SPP Business Practice 4200, "The Request Reference Fieldon the [Non-firm Network] reservation should include the original network service [A.K.A. Master NITS] OASIS reference number." Please note that any request for Non-firm Network Service that does not include the Master NITS reservation number in the Request Referencefield will be deemed INVALID.

    The previous SPP OASIS will still be available for research purposes. Only TSRs in a status of QUEUED, RECEIVED, STUDY, ACCEPTED, COUNTEROFFER, and CONFIRMED with an end date after June 24, 2009 were moved over to the webOASIS system. All other TSRs are still available for review at

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