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  • Performance Metrics
    Transmission Study Metrics
    Q4 2015 Affiliates
    Q1 2016 Affiliates
    Q1 2016 Non-affiliates
    Q2 2016 Affiliates
    Q2 2016 Non-affiliates
    Q3 2016 Affiliates
    Q3 2016 Non-affiliates
    2017 Transmission Study Metrics_Affiliates
    2017 Transmission Study Metrics_Non-Affiliates
    2018 Transmission Study Metrics
    Transmission Service Request Metrics
    May 2018 TSR Metrics
    June 2018 TSR Metrics
    July 2018 TSR Metrics
    Redispatch Costs
    Redispatch Costs
    FERC Order 784 ACE Data
    Business Practices, Waivers, and Exemptions
    OASIS Business Practices Clean
    OASIS Business Practices Redline
    DEP Loss Calculator - 1.84% effective 06/01/2018
    Annulment Request Form
    Dynamic Transfers
    Pseudo Tie Business Procedure
    Dynamic Transfer Request
    Dynamic Transfer Reimbursement Agreement Template
    Pseudo Tie Registration Checklist
    Dynamic Transfer Agreement Template
    ATC Information
    Current Available Transfer Capability Implementation Document ATCID
    Current CBM Implementation Document CBMID
    Current TRM Implementation Document TRMID
    ATC Methodology Contact
    Current Load Forecast Descriptive Statement
    Current Postback Methodology
    Current Flowgate Methodology Grandfathered Agreements
    ATC Calculation Algorithm
    TTC Changes Greater Than 10%
    Phase Angle Regulating Transformer Operating Procedure
    Transmission Tariff
  • Joint Open Acess Transmission Tariff of DEC, DEF and DEP

  • Tariff Summary
    Tariff Information
    Transmission Peaks
    Resale Transmission Service Agreement (TSA)
    October 2010 OATT Revision Section 23
    Transmission Rates
    Transmission Rates
    Transmission Rates - Projected
    2015 OATT Formula Rate Update
  • Duke Enery Progress FERC Filing for New OATT Rates

  • Memo to Duke Energy Progress Customers

  • Duke Energy Progress OATT Original Formula

  • 2016 OATT Formula Rate Update
    2015 FF1 Formula Rate - 051516
    FERC Annual Filing
    Memo to DEP Customers
    2017 OATT Formula Rate Update
    2016 FF1 Formula Rate - Updated 05-15-17
    DEP 2017 Loss Data file_zip
    DEP Workpaper PBOP Derivation 2016
    Memo to DEP Customers
    DEP FERC Form 1 - Q4 2016
    2018 OATT Formula Rate Update
    DEP Customer Meeting Memorandum
    DEP workpaper PBOP Derivation_2017 (summary)
    DEProgress OATT 2017 FF1 Formula Rate 05152018
    Real Power Loss Factor
    2018 Real Power Loss Factor
    2018 Real Power and GSU Loss Factor Summary
    System Hourly Loads 2017
    Winter 2016-2017
    Summer 2017
    Fall 2017
    Step Up Core Losses
    Business Contacts
    OASIS Contact Information
    Supplemental E-Mail Notifications
    Provider Information
    Provider Information
    Generator Interconnection Information
    Generator Interconnection Information
    DEP_DEC Generator Interconnection Requirements and Locational Guidance
    DEP Lines and Subs Constrained Infrastructure
    Generator Interconnection Queue
    Facility Conn Requirements
    Transmission Solar PV Plant Data Request
    DER Protection Standard
    Generator Studies
    Generator Studies
    Gen Studies Cont
    Q360 SIS Partial
    Q362 & Q363 Feas Study
    Q364 Fac Study
    Q364 SIS
    Q365 Fac Study
    Q365 SIS
    Q366 Fac Study
    Q366 SIS
    Q367 Fac Study
    Q367 SIS
    Q368 & Q369 Fac Study
    Q368 & Q369 SIS
    Q370 Fac Study
    Q370 SIS
    Q371 SIS
    Q372 Fac Study
    Q372 SIS
    Q373 SIS Partial
    Q374 Feas Study
    Q374 SIS
    Q375 Fac Study
    Q375 SIS
    Q376 SIS
    Q377 Fac Study
    Q377 SIS
    Q378 Fac Study
    Q378 SIS
    Q379 SIS Partial
    Q380 Fac Study
    Q380 SIS
    Q380 SIS Rev 1
    Q381 SIS
    Q382 Fac Study
    Q382 SIS
    Q383 SIS
    Q384 Fac Study
    Q384 SIS
    Q385 SIS
    Q386 Feas Study
    Q386 SIS
    Q387 SIS
    Q388 SIS
    Q389-393 SIS Partial
    Q394 Feas Study
    Q394 SIS
    Q395 SIS
    Q397 SIS
    Q398 SIS
    Q399 Feas Study
    Q400 SIS Partial
    Q401 Feas Study
    Q402 Feas Study
    Transmission Service Studies
    Sys Impact Study Agreement
    Facility Study Agreement
    System Studies
    Designated Network Resources
    DNR List
    Transmission Planning
    2016 Carolinas TCA PFSG Study Report
    DEP Electrical Facilities Rating Methodology (FRM)
    Southeast Inter-Regional Participation Process
    Carolinas Transmission Planning Summary
    VACAR SERC Studies
    2014 NCTPC Plan Report
    2014 NCTPC Plan Update 06052015
    2015 NCTPC Plan Report
    2016 NCTPC Plan Report
    2017 NCTPC Plan Report
    OASIS Notices
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