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    Excutive Staff Job Description
    Transmission Planning
    CPPP 11-14-07 Stakeholders Meeting Details
    Central Public Power Partnership Stakeholder Meeting - Nov. 14
    Connection Requirements
    Notice of Interregional Stakeholder Meeting - Nov. 1
    Order 890 Attachment K (Draft)
    Order 890 Planning Principles Strawman Proposal
    Org Chart
    SOL Methodology for the Planning Horizon
    Standards of Conduct
    TEE CRSG Certification of Deliverability
    Transmission Planning Transfer Capability Methodology

    ***** NOTICE *****
    Effective June 1, 2013, East Kentucky Power Cooperative will no longer be registered as a Transmission Service Provider. All existing Firm transmission service reservations will be converted to PJM reservations. Any new transmission service reservations must be requested through the PJM OASIS.      

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