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  • ATC Information
    2018 Available Transfer Capability Implementation Document (ATCID)
    2018 ATCID Attachment A
    2018 ATCID Attachment B
    2018 Capacity Benefit Margin Statement (CBMID)
    2018 Transmission Reliability Margin Implementation Document (TRMID)
    ATC/TTC Methodology Contact
    Load Forecast Descriptive Statement
    Postback Methodology
    Annotations for TTC and ATC Changes
    Business Practices, Waivers, and Exemptions
  • NERC Glossary of Terms

  • Tri-State Business Practices
    Tri-State Business Practices
    Transmission Credit Application
    Transmission Credit Application - Word Document
    Business Practices for Credit Security
    Colorado Long-Range Transmission Planning Group
  • WestConnect Study work

  • E-Tagging Examples
    AULT to FourCorners345
    AULT to 4C345 Original Path
    AULT to 4C345 Path 2
    AULT to LAMAR 230
    AU TO LAMAR 230
    BLUE to Craig
    Blue > Craig
    BOZ to FourCorners 345
    BOZ to 4C345 Original Path
    BOZ to 4C345 Path 2
    BOZ to LAMAR 230
    BOZ TO LAMAR 230
    CRAIG to Blue
    CRG > BLUE
    CRAIG to FourCorners345
    CRG to 4C345 Original Path
    CRG to 4C345 Path 2
    CRAIG to LAMAR 230
    CRAIG to LAMAR 230
    DJ to FourCorners345
    DJ to 4C345 Original Path
    DJ to 4C345 Path 2
    DJ to LAMAR 230
    DJ to LAMAR 230
    FourCorners 345 TO SJ345
    Fourcorners 345 to SJ345 Path 2
    FourCorners345 to Ault
    4C345 to AULT Original Path
    4C345 to AULT Path 2
    FourCorners345 to BOZ
    4C345 to BOZ
    4C345 to BOZ Path 2
    FourCorners345 to CRG
    4C345 to CRG Original Path
    4C345 to CRG Path 2
    FourCorners345 to DJ
    4C345 to DJ Original Path
    4C345 to DJ Path 2
    FourCorners345 to LAMAR 230
    FourCorners345 to LAMAR 230
    FourCorners345 to LAMAR 230 Path 2
    FourCorners345 to MIDW
    4C345 to MIDW Original Path
    4C345 to MIDW Path 2
    FourCorners345 to Stegall
    4C345 to SGW Original Path
    4C345 to SGW Path 2
    LAMAR 230 to AULT
    LAMAR 230 to AULT
    LAMAR 230 to BONANZA
    LAMAR 230 to BONANZA
    LAMAR 230 to CRAIG
    LAMAR 230 to CRAIG
    LAMAR 230 to DJ
    LAMAR 230 to DJ
    LAMAR 230 to FourCorners345
    LAMAR 230 to FourCorners345
    LAMAR 230 to FourCorners345 Path 2
    LAMAR 230 to SJ345
    LAMAR 230 to SJ345
    LAMAR 230 to Stegall
    LAMAR 230 to Stegall
    MIDWAY to FourCorners345
    MIDW to 4C345 Original Path
    MIDW to 4C345 Path 2
    SJ345 to FourCorners345
    SJ-345 to Fourcorners 345 Original Path
    SJ-345 to Fourcorners 345 Path 2
    SJ345 to LAMAR 230
    SJ345 to LAMAR 230
    Stegall to FourCorners345
    SGW to 4C345 Original Path
    SGW to 4C345 Path 2
    Stegall to LAMAR 230
    Stegall to LAMAR 230
    FERC Orders
    FERC Order 890
    Transmission Planning Strawman
    General Information
    Stegall DC Tie Status
    OASIS Notices
  • Congestion Relief Offers

  • Discretion

  • Personnel

  • OATT Customer Questions
    Tri-State Merchant
    CNMI PNM Clayton Load Schedule
    CNMI PNM Load Requlation Schedule
    CNMI Response to TSPM Questions
    CNMI TSPM New Mexico Loads
    Transmission Data Request 11-14-2008
    OATT Other Transmission Studies
    Miscellaneous Studies
    Burlington-Limon Generation 03Sisr03.pdf
    Craig Expansion Report 05.pdf
    Preliminary Study for Craig 1 10MW expansion.pdf
    Preliminary Study for Craig 2 10MW expansion.pdf
    Regional Studies
    Springerville Unit 3 Report_rev4e_.pdf
    TSGT TTC Studies
    BeaverCreek_Story230kV_TTC_Final_Aug9_2013 (2).pdf
    JMShafer-GreenHouse-HenryLake230kV_TTC _Final_Jul20_2017
    LincolnMidway_TTC_Final Report_7_6 (2).pdf
    Midway - Fuller - Monument TTC Study FINAL.pdf
    West Station - Stem Beach - Walsenburg TTC Study FINAL.pdf
    OATT Queues
    Interconnection Request Queue
    Interconnection Request Queue as of August 15, 2018
    Transmission Service Request Queue
    Transmission Service Request Queue: October 2017
    OATT Study Reports
    Interconnection Study Reports
    TI-04-1103 & TI-06-0223 SIS 120407.pdf
    TI-04-1103 & TI-06-0223 Transient Stability Assessment Report.pdf
    TI-04-1123 BigsandyIFS 052305.pdf
    TI-04-1123 Facilities Study Report Final 1-3-2012.pdf
    TI-04-1123 Facilities Study Report Final2_Rev 3-15-2012.pdf
    TI-04-1123 SIRS Final Report 022511.pdf
    TI-04-1214 Facilities Study 22707.pdf
    TI-04-1214 Facility Study 111704.pdf
    TI-04-1214 FacilityStudy 041110.pdf
    TI-04-1214 Final Fac Re-Study Report_9-30-10 (2).pdf
    TI-04-1214 System Impact Study.pdf
    TI-04-1214 SIS 053104.pdf
    TI-04-1214 Technical Update 06-09-08.pdf
    TI-04-1214 SIS Final Report Re-Study.pdf
    TI-06-0505 Feasibility Study Report Final.pdf
    TI-06-0505 Addendum SIS Report 021308.pdf
    TI-06-0505 SIS Report 021308.pdf
    TI-06-0828 IFS Final090507.pdf
    TI-06-0929A IFS FINAL051007.pdf
    TI-06-0929A SIRS-FacS_Final Report_RAL-JLE 5-17-2012.pdf
    TI-06-0929A SISR-FinalReport-02-15-10.pdf
    TI-06-1127 SIS Final 0807.pdf
    TI-07-0227 IFS FINAL 090407.pdf
    TI-07-0227 IFS Re-Study Final 041209.pdf
    TI-07-0412A IFS 0907.pdf
    TI-07-0412B DRAFT IFS 080807.pdf
    TI-07-0511 250 MW SIS Draft of 061009.pdf
    TI-07-0511 SIRS Final Report_8-20-10.pdf
    TI-07-0611A DRAFT IFS 080807.pdf
    TI-07-0611B DRAFT IFS 080507.pdf
    TI-08-0131A&B IFS Report 080508.pdf
    TI-08-0131A,B & 2008-GI-002 SIS RPT03-22-2010.pdf
    TI-08-0312 FAC.FinalReport091209.pdf
    TI-08-0312 Final SIS Report_RAL2.pdf
    TI-08-0312 SIS As Posted 032509.pdf
    TI-07-0305 SIRS Final Report-R1_10-24-2011.pdf
    TI-07-0713 Facilities Study Report FINAL 10-11-13.pdf
    TI-07-0713 SIRS_Final Report_5-24-13.pdf
    TI-07-0713 SIS Final-R1_8-12-10.pdf
    TI-08-0204 SIRS Final Report RAL 2-23-2012.pdf
    TI-08-0204_Facilities Study Report 11-21-14 Final.pdf
    TI-08-0204_SIRS Final Report_4-22-14.pdf
    TI-08-0226-B SIRS Final Report 7-16-13.pdf
    TI-08-0502 Final LGIP Facilites Study Report 091204.pdf
    TI-08-0715 SIS Final Report with appendices - August 1 2014.pdf
    TI-10-0204 SIS Final RAL_1-20-2012.pdf
    TI-12-0217 SIS FINAL Report JDW-RAL 10-2-12.pdf
    TI-12-0217_FacS_Final Report NK-RAL 2-26-13.pdf
    TI-12-0229 SIS Final Report_AD-RAL 10-18-2012.pdf
    TI-12-0809 SIS Final Report 5-21-13.pdf
    TI-13-0221 SIS Final Report.pdf
    TI-13-0227 Final SIS Report 8-13-13.pdf
    TI-13-0701 Final SIS Report 10-11-13
    TI-13-0830_Final Report_2-18-14.pdf
    TI-14-0904_SIRS Final Report_12-2-16.pdf
    TI-14-0904_SIS Final Report_2-24-15.pdf
    TI-14-0904 Facilities Study Report 03-17-17.pdf
    TI-15-0227 Facilities Study Report FINAL-OASIS 8-21-15.pdf
    TI-15-0227_SIS Final Report_5-11-2015.pdf
    TI-15-0612 Facilities Study Report_FINAL_1-6-16.pdf
    TI-15-0612_SIS Full Report FINAL 9-8-15.pdf
    TI-15-0828_Final SIS Report_1-5-16.pdf
    TI-15-0831_SIS Final Report_7-6-16.pdf
    TI-15-0832_SIS Final Report_2-26-16.pdf
    TI-15-0832_SIRS FINAL Report_4-2-18
    TI-16-0229 SIS Final Report_12-6-16.pdf
    TI-16-0230_0231 SIS FINAL Report_11.9.16.pdf
    TI-17-0223_Preliminary Power Flow Analysis Report
    TI-17-0224_SIS FINAL Report
    TI-17-0225_SIS Report FINAL_2-19-18
    TI-17-0228_SIS FINAL Report_4-9-18
    TI-17-0706_SIS Full Report_3-7-18
    TI-17-0811_SIS FINAL Report_3-7-18
    TI-18-0226_Preliminary Power Flow Analysis_7-13-18
    Transmission Study Reports
    TI-04-1208 FAC. Study 06-15-07.pdf
    TI-04-1208 SIS 06-20-05.pdf
    TSR-08-0229 RaserTech SIS 06-20-08 report.pdf
    TSR-08-0606 SIS 10-21-08.pdf
    TSR-08-1023 Fac Study Rpt 2-25-10.pdf
    TSR-08-1023 SISl 5-21-09.pdf
    TSR-08-1124A,B SIS 01-09.pdf
    TSR-09-0527 SIS final 4-30-10.pdf
    TSR-09-0814A&B SIS FINAL 3-19-10.pdf
    TSR-10-1210A,TI-08-226B 100MW TSR 04-08-11RLJS.pdf
    TSR10-1210B,TI-08-226B 100MW TSR 04-08-11RLJS.pdf
    TSR-10-1210C,TI-08-226B 150MW TSR 04-08-11RLJS.pdf
    TSR-11-0502A,B SIS Report 092911.pdf
    TSR-11-0502AB FacS Report_HDR-RAL-Final_6-26-2012.pdf
    TSR-14-0224 City of Fountain Final SIS report.pdf
    Performance Metrics
    Statement on Performance Metrics Postings
    SPP Formula Rate Documents
    2018 TSGT ATRR
    Tri-State Final Formula Rate Template July 2018 – June 2019
    2018 Notice of Annual Meeting
    2018 Information Request UDPATE dated 5-29-18
    Informal Challenge: 7-10-2018
    Annual Update Posting Notification Letter - RY 2018
    Tri-State's Financial and Operating Report - YE 2017
    TSGT Formula Rate Implementation Protocols
    Tri-State Transmission Formula Rate Implementation Protocols
    Requests for Information
    Instructions for where to send Requests for Information: 7-10-2018
    Informal Challenges
    Instructions for where to send Informal Challenges: 7-10-2018
    Standards of Conduct
  • Chief Compliance Officer

  • Contemporaneous Disclosure

  • Employee Staffed Shared Facilities

  • Identification of Afilliate Names and Addresses

  • Incident Report

  • Potential Merger Partner Information

  • Transfers of Employees Between Marketing Function and Transmission Function

  • Transmission Function Employees' Job Titles and Job Descriptions

  • Voluntary Consent Provision

  • Waivers

  • Written Procedures

  • Emergency Circumstances Deviations
    Discretionary Actions under the Tariff
    Pacificorp Voluntary Form of Consent Signed 3.9.17
  • Standards of Conduct on TSGT Internet

  • System Maps
    Tri-State System Map
    wesTTrans_Transmission_Map Version 1.5
    Tariff & GIP
    2018 Tariff
    2018 OATT
    2018 OATT Redline
    2018 OATT Change Summary
    Att L Final Eff Jan2016 - 3-21-16
    Transmission Service Forms
    Network Integration Transmission Service Application
    Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service Application
    Non-Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service Application
    Initial Network Resource Designation Form
    Terminate Network Resource Designation Form
    GIP and Interconnection Application Package
    Summary of Generator Interconnection Process
    GIP Application Windows
    2018 Attachment K: 6-21-2018
    2018 Attachment K Redline: 6-21-2018
    2018 GIP and GIA Change Summary: 6-21-2018
    Appendix 1-GIP Interconnection Request Application: 6-21-2018
    GIP- Attachment A - Wind Project Modeling: 6-21-2018
    GIP- Attachment B - Solar Modeling: 6-21-2018
    GIP- Attachment C - Electric Storage Modeling: 6-21-2018
    GIP- Attachment D - Synchronous Generator: 6-21-2018
    GIP-Attachment E - Site Control Requirements: 6-21-2018
    GIP Confidentiality Agreement_For use for interconnection only 9-18-2017
    Engineering Standards Bulletin
    Engineering Standards Bulletin 7-2018
    TOT Info
    TOT 3
    MBPP TOT 3 TTC entitlements
    TOT 3 MBPP MOD-029 TTC
    Transmission Information - General
    Line Names 12-1-2011
    Line Names Appendix 12-1-2011
    Tri-State G & T Website
  • Tri-State G & T Website

  • TSGTdocs
    West Connect Customer Application 4-2018
    WestConnect Business Practices
    WestConnect Regional Tariff
  • WestConnect Regional Pricing Website


    TSO Desk (Real-Time) (303) 254-3031

      Shannon Gilmore: OASIS/OATT Administrator (303) 254-3576

        Doug Reese: Transmission Training and OASIS Manager 

    (303) 254-3676

    Multiple Providers.
    One Simple Rate.

    No pancaked transmission rates - just one rate across multiple transmission providers. It's easy. It's economical. It's yours for the using.

    Go to the OASIS/ Transactions/ WestConnect Deal Wizard. Query the POR and POD you need, choose the number of providers, identify the MW needed, and let the Deal Wizard do the rest.


    Starting July 1, 2018, Tri-State will no longer offer Transmission Service along the Southwest Rangely-Calamity Ridge 138kV (SWR-CALRIDGE, CALRIDGE-SWR) line.

    The change of this Transmission Service offering is a result of Deseret Generation and Transmission's recent acquisition of transmission assets from Moon Lake Electric Association, Inc. - a Deseret cooperative member system.

    Please contact the Tri-State OASIS/OATT Administrator, Shannon Gilmore, with any questions.

    2018 Transmission Prices 2_20171205161137.jpg

    Discounted Transmission: Select Paths are discounted to $5.00/MW-Hour for On-Peak and Off-Peak. Check the Transmission Offerings to find these discounted paths.

    In accordance with the TSGT OATT, TSGT will charge Schedule 1 & 2 Ancillary Service charges on all transmission service purchased. TSGT will continue to pass through BA Scheduling Fees to the transmission customer. TSGT will also calculate and assess losses in accordance with the TSGT OATT. Note: Discounted transmission service prices, losses, and scheduling fees, DO NOT apply to the WestConnect Regional transactions.

    Transmission Prices_20170313103414.jpg

    Note: Your application is considered incomplete until all items are received by TSGT. Once the application is determined to be complete and valid, a queue date and time will be assigned based on the date of validity - which may or may not be the TSR date of entry on the OASIS.

    Generator Interconnection Information

    To view the GIP, obtain application forms, or view Load and Resource reports, refer to the OASIS listing to your left and click on "Tariff & GIP ".

    All generator interconnection application forms and inquiries should be directed to Sue Albrecht. Call Sue at 303-254-3324or email Sue at

    The current Interconnection Request window is from

    July 1, 2018 through August 31, 2018 


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