Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)

  Effective Business Practices (BPs) Common to all of WAPA's Regions

Last Update: July 25, 2017, Posting of Updated Behind the Meter (BTM) Generation and General Requirements for Interconnection (GRI) BPs

Recent Previous Updates:
January 9, 2017, Posting of Updated TSR Annulments BP
June 23, 2016, General updates to Logo, Regional contact information, etc.
January 1, 2016,
Posting of NEW Curtailments BP

The following are the currently effective versions of the Business Practices (BPs) that are common and identical across all of WAPA's Regional Offices, which includes (DSW, RMR, SNR, and UGP - See Note 1).  The BPs apply to the NERC identified TSPs: CRCM, LAPT, WALC, WAPA, WASN.  Additional BPs specific only to an individual Region/TSP are also posted on that TSP's OASIS under the "Business Practices" folder.

Note 1.  The UGP Region joined the Southwest Power Pool, Inc. (SPP) as a transmission owner and transferred functional control of all of its eligible transmission facilities to SPP on October 1, 2015.  Transmission service over those UGP Regional transmission facilities is available solely under the SPP Open Access Transmission Tariff (SPP Tariff).  Ancillary services offered by the UGP Region as a Balancing Authority operator are also solely available under the SPP Tariff.  Therefore, certain WAPA BPs may not be currently applicable in the UGP Region.

Behind the Meter Generation Policy 
(NEW -- Effective 07/21/2017)
Business Practice Creation & Update Process
Conditional Firm Transmission Service

Confidentiality and NDA
Creditworthiness BP & Checklist
Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) Policy *
Curtailments Business Practice  (Effective 12/29/2015)
General Requirements for Interconnection (GRI)  (NEW -- Effective 07/21/2017)
LGIA Option to Build Business Practice

Network Integration Transmission Service (NITS) * 
Network Upgrades Policy
Planning Redispatch Service
Resale of Transmission Rights
Right of First Refusal
Rollover Rights
Simultaneous Submission Window Processing
Transmission Outage Crediting Policy
Transmission Service Redirects
TSR Annulment Business Practice  (Effective 01/03/2017)
WAPA Meter Policy
WAPA OATT - Attachment K Policy Statement

* These BPs outline submissions to be sent to "Regional Contact(s) as posted on OASIS".  Those specific WAPA Regional contact(s) are listed below, and transmittals should be sent to the contacts listed, as noted, for that specific Regional office.

Any questions/submissions can be directed to your specific WAPA Regional contact(s):